2027, fiftieth anniversary special ?


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I'm talking about Star Wars, what unholy abomination will it have become by then ?

I predict that in the future of 2027, if man is still alive after 2025, the new Star Wars special edition will replace Biggs with JarJar's son Washington Beauregard Binks. He won't die when his X-Wing blows up, but he'll drift into the path of the proton torpedoes, bounce them accidentally off his helmet and nudge them into the Thermal Vent. As Lucas always intended.

Padme will not die at the end of ROTS, Obi Wan would have preserved her in Carbonite all this time so she can wake up and greet Annakin, whose force ghost now inhabits a new clone body. As Lucas always intended.

We'll also know what midichlorians look like, tiny little Gungan tadpoles. As Lucas always intended.

It will be revealed in TPM that Jar Jar caused a reactor to blow up and vaporize 4/5th of Gungan City. Cracked will put him #7 on their list of funniest mass murderers, right after Pol Pot and the Rostov Ripper.

Thanks to the hard work of the Large Hadron Collider and experimental Wormhole technology TPM and Star Wars will switch premiere dates so that TPM is first and Lucas has no obligation to listen to "newcomer fans" who weren't there to witness is true vision as intended all along.
You may want to remove that post before it gets back to George and he thinks they're ideas worth impletementing :)
Also han and greedo don't shoot but shake hands and come to the agreement that Han will pay off his debts otherwise they will call operation repo on the millenium falcon.
Now I like Star Wars and always have but I have to admit.....I was eight when ROTJ came out and one look at the Ewoks and I knew this series was in trouble for any future installments.
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