Kevin Gossett

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Ok, I'm in for US domestic!

My interests haven't changed all that much over the years...

Marvel Cinematic Universe
Star Wars (all)
Harry Potter
Indiana Jones
Lord of the Rings
Pokemon (this has become a big focus this year!)
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I got in! Year is turning around for me!

Current Interests:
Indiana Jones
-Want to do a costume, currently got nothing
Back to the Future
-2015 Marty is version I'd like to do
Batman (anything but Bat-flfeck), sucker for Batman '66
Han Solo
Vintage looking stuff (weathered books/items..basically anything that wouldn't look out of place if Indy pulled it from his shoulder bag).

My Personal Holy Grail Props:
Indiana Jones Grail Diary
Ravenwood Journal
Nike Mags

Hand-made stuff is A-OK with me! I'm super easy. When in doubt, weather something and I’m amazed.

EDIT: I do already have a great Raiders Fertility Idol from last year.
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I had the main part right off the bat but i'm attempting something..... extra. Only time will tell. If I havent managed it by next weekend then i'll send off what I have.

Good luck everyone and Happy giving.
I'm in the same boat. Trying to expand my skillset for this year. Spent most of yesterday planning and getting supplies. Hope everything comes together!


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Ok... here's a sneaky peek of my Secret Santa's gift.


Thats right... this year my recipient will be getting a full size R2-D2.... Well... a picture of a full size R2-D2. 6"X9"..... Hmmmmm now I say that out loud it doesnt quite sound like $20 worth.

Ok..... back to the drawing board.

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