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An early Ho Ho Ho!


This has been a rough year for many of us, so more than ever I think a lot of us need something to look forward to and some holiday cheer (despite not being in the holidays yet)! No matter what you celebrate at this time of year you're welcome to join us in the spirit of giving. Anyone who wishes to join must let me know by posting in this thread by OCTOBER 23RD so that I can get everyone matched and that they can get their gifts out in time.

FIRST AND FOREMOST I WANT THIS TO BE A SAFE EXCHANGE FOR EVERYONE. To date, there is absolutely no evidence that COVID-19 can be transferred through the mail. If there is any danger it would come from your delivery person being sick, not from the person sending the parcel. That said, to accommodate for the world situation I've made some adjustments to the rules and timelines to hopefully ensure that everyone has an enjoyable and safe experience.

Here are the rules:

1. Any current member of the RPF as of the posting of this thread may participate (ie: no joining now just to participate). HOWEVER, by joining you are agreeing to both give and receive a gift. If, for whatever reason, you are unable to send your gift please let me know immediately so that I can arrange a work around. People who do not send gifts have in the past been banned. It's not worth it for a $20 gift! PLEASE only join if you are going to participate.

In addition, if you or anyone that you have been in contact with, has or has had Coronavirus within the past month please do not sign up unless you plan on ordering something online and having it directly shipped to your recipient. Again, the risk of transferring the disease through mail is almost non-existent but we don't want to tempt fate in any way. If you discover after signing up that you or someone you're in contact with has contracted COVID then please contact me as soon as you're able to. I'm relying on the honesty of the membership for this one, we're not going to demand test results, but PLEASE consider your fellow members when it comes to this.

2. When you sign up you must state whether you wish to ship domestically or internationally (please include what country is "domestic" in your post). In your post also please include your interests and a wish list to help your gift giver with ideas. By all means post "wishful thinking" wants but also put some realistic ideas in there too. Note that while I am asking for international volunteers, I will be making every effort to match people up with those in the same country. The mail service is, and will be, doubly busy this year so this is to try and avoid potential long delays, lost packages, and customs issues. This means, for instance, that if only 2 people from your country sign up you will almost certainly be matched. Some exceptions may be made on a case by case basis or in situations where it can't be helped.

3. Although there is no limit to the cost of gift you are encouraged to keep your gifts at about the $20 range. Creativity will undoubtedly be appreciated by your recipient! Something handmade with $20 worth of materials can be worth more than spending $100 at a store. You are of course able to send a gift of any value if you like but understand that what you receive will likely be in this range. Please keep your gifts in accordance with the RPF guidelines. Many members open their gifts on Christmas with their families so sexual, profane, or provocative gifts are not necessarily welcome by everyone. KNOW YOUR RECIPIENT and send something accordingly.

4. I will keep a list of names updated in this thread - please PM me if you are interested and include your address in the PM - When I draw names I will send the Secret Santa his or her recipient's details. The person you send a gift to will not necessarily be the person that sends you a gift. IF YOU HAVE MULTIPLE ADDRESSES please use the one that you will be at for the holidays. Better for your parcel to arrive early and be held for you than have it sit on the step for a couple weeks waiting for you to get back from your parent's place.

5. Domestic gifts must be in the mail by December 10th. International should be sooner than that. If you don't want me harassing you please post a note saying that you've shipped either in this thread or via PM to me. If you need to push this deadline back a little bit you must contact me. It is still your responsibility to get the gift to your recipient on time.

6. A gift will be considered "lost" if it doesn't arrive by the end of the first full week of January. If your package had tracking you are not responsible and a new Santa will be provided. If your package did not have tracking you will have to send another gift.

TRACKING: Tracking is not mandatory but if you DO use tracking you are not responsible should the recipient not receive their gift. If you choose not to get your gift tracked that's fine but if the gift doesn't arrive you're still on the hook for it. This way you can still mail it any way you want but you know where you stand depending on the shipping method.

7. Although this is a "Secret" Santa you are more than welcome to let your recipient know who you are if you'd like to.

Finally, not a rule but in the spirit of this exchange please give a "thank you" in this thread to your Secret Santa and let us know what you received. Not only is it the polite thing to do but it lets your Santa and myself know that everything went smoothly. It's a Christmas exchange, please be grateful. Not everyone gets a "blow you out of the water" kind of gift. Don't expect it.

Here's hoping for another successful and SAFE year!


1. Michael Bergeron - R - S
2. Hatefrost - R - S
3. Serenity - S - R
4. majormalfunction - R - S
5. Macorrie - S - R
6. Basic Paul - S - R
7. Cadeus - S - R
8. ShortWookie - S - R
9. doppelganger - S - R
10. Dylanrose - S - R
11. joeranger - S - R
12. jedi5150 - R - S
13. bondoking - S - R
14. mrwax - S - R
15. ScreenFashions - R - S
16. bsj1701 - S - R
17. Padawan311 - S - R
18. TJack - S - R
19. Douglascraig - S - R
20. BR12819 - S - R
21. Indy Magnoli - S - R
22. GarethT - S - R
23. Jennigirl - S - R
24. JediJohn182 - S - R
25. bombvoyage - S - R (tracking)
26. PropReplicator2 - R - S
27. NCHammer - S - R
28. Ash - S - R
29. nicom1234 - S - R
30. maddoghoek100 - S - R
31. Beanduck - S - R
32. Zombie Killer - S - R
33. thorssoli - S - R
34. bobatrek - S - R
35. Helix6187 - S - R
36. Katieh - R - S
37. Striker - S - R
38. The Cog - R - S
39. shaunsheep - R - S
40. VaderKLI - S - R
41. jtkirk - S - R
42. xwingfighter - S - R
43. Jmvgreek1 - S - R
44. McFlyte - R - S
45. askernas - S - R
46. kickman88 - S - R
47. Cedarock - S - R
48. TSpawn - S - R
49. RogueSkynet - S - R
50. Kevin Gossett - S - R
51. thd9791 - S - R
52. Muddler - S - S - R
53. JAnderson392 - S - R
54. Shyaporn - R - S
55. RModin - S - R
56. Jakob Frank - S - R
57. Gryphon37 - R - S
58. gabevt - S - R
59. Cafe80sNerd - *******
60. Dexvader - S - R
61. Contec - S - R
62. BatMcFly - R - S
63. ooSuperman23 - S - R
64. justy - S - R
65. IamCaseyJones - R - S
66. SeattleMaddog - S - R
67. rands1986 - S - R
68. Druman - S - R
69. Broilermaker - R - S
70. Capfan94 - S - R
71. zanderman - S - R
72. aeryn - S - R
73. form2function - S - R
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I’m in again. Domestic US please. As always, thank you Michael for doing this!

I'll be grateful for anything that is sent my way, but I always enjoy a nice prop or something you've made yourself. Alternatively, I always love kits that I can build myself too!

Some of my interests include:

-Blade Runner and 2049 - (JOI Emenator comes to mind!)
-Star Wars (OT and Sequel trilogy, The Mandalorian)
-Marvel Cinematic Universe
-Game of Thrones
-James Bond (Craig era)
-Indiana Jones
-Harry Potter
-Doctor Who (2005 to now)
-Uncharted/The Last of Us
-Apex Legends
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Alright, so whomever gets me here are some of my interests!

- James Bond (Connery, Lazenby, Dalton, Craig)
- Jurassic Park 1
- Star Wars (OT and the new films)
- Star Trek (TOS and TNG)
- Doctor Who
- Ghostbusters
- Fallout

I'm also a huge fan of vintage video gaming, would love to complete my Odyssey 2, Atary Lynx, and Intellivision collections. Also a huge fan of board games, in particular wargaming. I have almost every Axis & Allies version and my oldest and I love playing those together. Any fun game though would be great as when I have my boys we play something together every night after dinner.

Honestly though, happy with anything. I'm not into toys but my kids are. :)
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Thanks Michael for going to the hassle of this as always.
We all need a pick me up this year.
Am in domestic UK please.
Interests are
Star wars ot, the mandalorian,
Indiana Jones
2001 space Odyssey
Apocalypse now
Full metal jacket
The Fallout video games
Planet of the apes. (Originals )
First time giving it a go and love the idea of this, so sign me up please.

UK domestic only for me.

Primarily a huge Star Wars fan (mainly OT and sequels/stories/Mandalorian) - Love the props, especially lightsabers (who doesn't).
Also a Big fan of Boba Fett!

Side note: started my way towards a couple of my own projects (original parts Fett shin tools, Solo blaster) but I'm into all of it.
I've set my sights on a nice replica/original parts Skywalker legacy saber but that's a dream item for now. Cant even get one of the Disney legacy ones without paying an arm and a leg in the UK! :eek:

Other interests:
-Model making/kits/painting - Mostly sci fi. Some war stuff and fantasy too
-Wood working (currently looking into adding wood turning to my skillset)
-Indiana Jones (I have recently picked up an original W&G mk VII satchel!)
-Blade Runner (like many, I'd love to have the "Harrison Ford Trio" of guns)
-Lego (Star wars, ideas, minifigs)
-2001 a space odyssey
-Video games: Halo/Fallout/Skyrim
-Lord of the rings (somewhat responsible for a love or archery)

I'm in agreement with Serenity on hand made items or kits being a really cool idea, but absolutely happy with anything as a gift! Hopefully this gives people an idea thematically.

Look forward to it!
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Thanks, again, for hosting this year's Secret Santa, Michael. You're a trooper! :)

So, yes, I'm in! And I am happy to ship across the pond if need be, but the US is my stomping ground.

I love prop replicas, figures/sculptures, models, posters/graphic art, ect...

genres I am interested in include:

Lord of The Rings
Indiana Jones
Harry Potter
Marvel Cinematic Universe
Star Wars episodes 1-6
... nuf said... (Mandolorian is interesting. I got one of the "baby yodas" from Wal-Mart. He's cute! :D)
Star Trek: this interest includes TOS, all movies and TNG, DS9, Voyager and Enterprise. (I didn't care for any of the newer stuff)

Honorable mentions include, but are not limited to Kung Fu Panda, Starship Troopers, Jurassic Park, Voltron series, The Last Airbender-Nickelodeon series (movie sucked), Judge Dread, 5th Element... and the beat goes on, bah dump da de dun... The best part of this is the giving. The gift is just a bonus. But I am in it to give. Happy holidays!
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Sign me up please!
US domestic only. (It seems to take forever to send or receive internationally.)

I notice people writing their interests. That'll make it easy.
Interests would be the usual short list:
E.T., Ghostbusters, Star Wars, Back to the future, Ninja Turtles. (See, kept it simple).
But honestly, I would be grateful for anything I receive as long as thought was put into it. ;)

But no turds. No emoji turds, and definitely, Please, no Christmas turds. Back in the 90's someone gave me a South Park Mr. Hankey and I still don't know what to do with him or where to put him.

Hey, I was still grateful! :lol:
I'm in but it might be bought rather than built this year. Having a real time of it but love this too much let it pass by.

International shipping.

My likes are

OT Star Wars
OT Star Trek and TNG.
Indiana Jones
OT Battlestar Galactica
Stargate SG1 and Atlantis
Ghostbusters (You know full well which ones)

As Michael Bergeron says its a little early but Merry Christmas Ya'll. I think we could all do with a good one.
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Woo! I'm in. PM sent

Star wars - all eras - love anything Ralph McQuarrie
Marvel comics (not so much into the MCU)
DC comics (also not big on the DCU)
Transformers (early eras - 80's toys)
Iron Giant
Blade runner
Power rangers (MMPR)
Speed Racer
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Been away for a while, totally forgot about this. Thank you for once again putting this together, I'm in!
Domestic US shipping
Interests are:
Star Wars (don't really dig Rogue One)
Indiana Jones
Back to the Future
Marvel Cinematic Universe
Jason Bourne
Miami Vice (TV series not the movie)
NASA stuff
The Rocketeer
The Dark Knight trilogy
I'm definitely in again !!!! Domestic US shipping
Marvel Cinematic Universe
Ant man, doctor Strange,
Keaton Batman
Reeves or Cavill Superman
Star Wars
Harry Potter
Locke and Key

Anything handmade always cool
Paper props are Always cool
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I'm in, thanks for setting this up Michael. US, domestic preferred

This is by no means a complete list of interests:

Everything Star Wars
Everything Star Trek
Indiana Jones
Everything Stargate
The Mummy
Battlestar Galactica remake
National Treasure
Lord of the Rings
Both Bladerunners
Game of Thrones
Metal Gear Solid
Mission Impossible 1, 2
Ironman, GotG, Avengers
Hocus Pocus
Old school spy stuff (Minox cameras, miniature recorders, etc.)
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Ooh I'm excited to participate this year!
US domestic
I LOVE horses, spy gadgets, detective stories, graphic novels, and archeology stuff. I collect/create 1:6 scale figures for Doctor Who and Sherlock!

More specific fandoms:

Star Wars (mostly original series but I do like Rey, Finn, and Poe)
Doctor Who (new series; I cosplay as Rose, Amy, and River)
Agent Carter (I want to cosplay Peggy Carter)
BBC Sherlock (I cosplay Molly Hooper)
The Man from U.N.C.L.E (2015 movie)
Kingsman (I want to cosplay Roxy)
Wonder Woman (2016/2020 movies)
Please add me to the exchange! U.S. Domestic only please.

My interests...

Disney (Theme Park memorabilia)
Marvel Cinematic Universe
Props or Prop replicas
Autographs, pretty much anything Entertainment related.
Wonder Woman Gal Gadot AND Lynda Carter

Not really into Funkos
Thanks again for doing this! Last year was a lot of fun and I am excited to sign up again this year For Domestic US shipping please.

My hobbies include prop building and I enjoy building model kits a lot. I have an interest in metalworking and machining and am working on expanding my skills in that as well. Most of the building I do is Sci-Fi related: Star Wars being my favorite, with The Empire Strikes Back being my favorite of that series. I also love the Alien movies, Indiana Jones, most everything Weta is involved in like District 9, Chappie, The Lord of the Rings movies, I also really enjoy the Harry Potter series and Marvel, DC Movies, The Matrix, Edge of Tomorrow, Christopher Nolan movies and MST3K, Firefly/Serenity. A handmade prop or a kit I could build myself would be amazing, a favorite prop/model building tool of yours, something that makes your life or shop more enjoyable, etc but anything after this year we have all had will bring me joy.
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