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Michael Bergeron

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Ho Ho Ho!

The Holiday season is almost upon us and to celebrate I'm hosting a Secret Santa gift exchange once again. No matter what you celebrate at this time of year you're welcome to join us in the spirit of giving! Anyone who wishes to join must let me know by posting in this thread by NOVEMBER 3RD so that I can get everyone matched and that they can get their gifts out in time.

Here are the rules:

1. Any current member of the RPF as of the posting of this thread may participate (ie: no joining now just to participate). HOWEVER, by joining you are agreeing to both give and receive a gift. If, for whatever reason, you are unable to send your gift please let me know immediately so that I can arrange a work around. People who do not send gifts have in the past been banned. It's not worth it for a $20 gift! PLEASE only join if you are going to participate.

2. When you sign up you must state whether you wish to ship domestically or internationally (please include what country is "domestic" in your post). In your post you're also free to include your interests and a wish list to help your gift giver with ideas. By all means post "wishful thinking" wants but also put some realistic ideas in there too.

3. Although there is no limit to the cost of gift you are encouraged to keep your gifts at about the $20 range. Creativity will undoubtedly be appreciated by your recipient! Something handmade with $20 worth of materials can be worth more than spending $100 at a store. You are of course able to send a gift of any value if you like but understand that what you receive will likely be in this range.

4. I will keep a list of names updated in this thread - please PM me if you are interested and include your address in the PM - When I draw names I will send the Secret Santa his or her recipient's details. The person you send a gift to will not necessarily be the person that sends you a gift. IF YOU HAVE MULTIPLE ADDRESSES please use the one that you will be at for the holidays. Better for your parcel to arrive early and be held for you than have it sit on the step for a couple weeks waiting for you to get back from your parent's place.

5. Domestic gifts must be in the mail by December 15th. International should be sooner than that. If you don't want me harassing you please post a note saying that you've shipped either in this thread or via PM to me. If you need to push this deadline back a little bit you must contact me. It is still your responsibility to get the gift to your recipient on time.

6. A gift will be considered "lost" if it doesn't arrive by the end of the first full week of January. If your package had tracking you are not responsible and a new Santa will be provided. If your package did not have tracking you will have to send another gift.

TRACKING: Tracking is not mandatory but if you DO use tracking you are not responsible should the recipient not receive their gift. If you choose not to get your gift tracked that's fine but if the gift doesn't arrive you're still on the hook for it. This way you can still mail it any way you want but you know where you stand depending on the shipping method.

7. Although this is a "Secret" Santa you are more than welcome to let your recipient know who you are if you'd like to.

Finally, not a rule but in the spirit of this exchange please give a "thank you" in this thread to your Secret Santa and let us know what you received. Not only is it the polite thing to do but it lets your Santa and myself know that everything went smoothly. It's a Christmas exchange, please be grateful. Not everyone gets a "blow you out of the water" kind of gift. Don't expect it.

Here's hoping for another successful year!


1. Hatefrost - S - R
2. doppelganger - S - R
3. Postapocalympic - S - R
4. Cadeus - S - R
5. camprandall - S - R
6. elr02k - S - R
7. chrisnupp - S - *
8. xl97 - R - S
9. maddoghoek100 - S - R
10. Indy Magnoli - S - R
11. shaunsheep - S - R
12. jmvgreek1 - S - R
13. Shyaporn - R - S
14. bondoking - R - S
15. TSpawn - R - S
16. Serenity - S - R
17. Cmdr.Kerner - R - S
18. Scapey - R - S
19. Macorrie - S - R
20. jcroscigno - S - R
21. SMP Designs - S - R
22. bobatrek - S - R
23. Frenzy1971 - S - R
24. dashIV - S - R
25. SBHatcher - S - R
26. CVWcreations - S - R
27. thorssoli - S - R
28. lostinperiphery - R - S
29. kickman88 - S - R
30. Kovnyn - S - R
31. MTProps - R - S
32. Zombie Killer - S - R
33. Pedro - S - *
34. Egos13 - R - S
35. Broilermaker - S - R
36. thd9791 - S - R
37. Padawan311 - S - R
38. Capn_Jack_Savvy - S - *
39. StormyStorm - S - R
40. SeattleMaddog - S - R
41. form2function - S - R
42. TJack - S - R
43. Noeland - S - R
44. JAnderson392 - S - R
45. bennygorilla - S - R
46. Farrells Props - S - R
47. nicom1234 - S - R
48. Kevin Gossett - R - S
49. geekdriver - S - R
50. Beanduck - R - S
51. vader1974 - R - S
52. Gryphon37 - S - R
53. s2jesse - S - R
54. poormansjb - S - R
55. Stansfield - R - S
56. ooSuperman23 - S - R
57. The Cog - S - R
58. Verick - S - R
59. Donberto17 - S - R
60. IamCaseyJones - S - R
61. gabevt - S - R
62. DylanRose - S - R
63. NCHammer - S - R
64. majormalfunction - S - R
65. Neoproks - S - R
66. Optimus51 - S - R
67. Contec - S - R
68. liegev - S - R
69. aeryn - S - R
70. Michael Bergeron - S - R
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Master Member
In again this year but depending on what my recipient's wish list has on it it might have to be bought not built as i'm double busy this year.

My interests include
Star Wars (real Star Wars....OT Star Wars)
Star trek (real Star Trek... Pre JJ Trash)
BSG (real BSG.... 70's BSG)
Knight Rider (real Knight Rider... 80's Knight Rider)
The A-Team (real A-Team... Mr T A-Team)
Superman (real Superman... Christopher Reeve Superman)
Terminator (real Terminator.... Terminator 1 & 2
Robocop (real Robocop... Peter Weller Robocop)
Batman (89's my Favourite)
Indiana Jones

I'm sure there are more but that should be plenty for my Santa to find something I know i'll love. I'll ship internationally.

A Big Ole Thanky Muchly to Michael for doing this again. Another round of Secret Santa is just what this tired old soul needs to feel a little younger inside. Just a shame it wont help my creeky knees.
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Active Member
Im down.
Domestic -US.
Likes, Star Wars. Star Trek (os, tng,ds9) Fallout, Alien/ Aliens, Marvel movies.
I prefer in universe items, guns, lightsabers, badges. Role play items are ideal. But since I mostly display my stuff static replicas are cool too. And I am always down to assemble and paint so if you just wanna put a kit together and send it my way thats a ok.
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Sr Member
Sign me up for domestic, please. As always, I am happy to ship across the pond if need be.

My favorite kind of gift would be a "prop replica". I have received a light-saber, an arc reactor and a grail diary, easily my favorite gifts. Everything else I have received is awesome, as well. there are no losers in this game.

Lord of the Rings
trilogy, ie.- Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, Return of the King
MARVEL Cinematic Universe- Iron Man is my favorite Avenger.
Indiana Jones-They are ALL awesome! But The Last Crusade was my favorite :)
Big Star Wars fan, but only the Originals and ep.3...
STAR TREK- Voyager is my favorite series, tied with Enterprise, but I love them all. Any prop replica from any movie or series would be treasured.

What I like most isn't the most important thing about SS. Whatever you make or buy within your comfort zone is OK by me, and I know I'll love it. The things I have listed are there to offer you inspiration. Thank-you for being my Santa!

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Well-Known Member
Looking forward to it! I missed out last year, but last time I really enjoyed it.

I'm US only.

Interest would be some kind of movie prop for my office. It can be small, but I like things like my replica Solo dice, Superman crystal, Willy wonka bar, John Wick coin, etc. Of course, all within reasonable time and budget though. :) My areas of focus would be classic 80s (Star Wars, Rocky, Indiana Jones, ET, Jaws, etc) and you can probably throw Lord of the Rings in there too.


Well-Known Member
Count me in! I had such a blast last time I did this.

Star Wars (Original Trilogy)
Indiana Jones
Modern Space Exploration (SpaceX, NASA, Lockheed Martin, JAXA, ESA)
Apollo Era Space Exploration (Gemini , Mercury, Apollo)
Quentin Tarantino Movies (Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Django Unchained, Inglorious Bastards, etc.)
Vintage 1980's - 1990's retro cool stuff (Shirts, Jackets, Accessories, etc.)
James Bond (Daniel Craig)

I'm US shipping only
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I’m in. My wife and I look forward to this every year, it’s our third year doing it.

Domestic preferred: USA

interests include:
PEAKY blinders
Star wars
Harry Potter

If you are my secret Santa be prepared for the most epic collection of handmade things!


Master Member

Domestic US please....(shipping costs kill!)


Marvel (Iron Man, Spider-Man, Captain America, X-Men..etc)
Robocop (OG )
Classic Superman
Classic Batman
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New Member
Sign me up

Domestic please i think this will be heavy

Last year i said i would love anything my secret santa thought was cool and i got a very thoughtful set of tools and materials. Was probably three times as thoughtful as anything a family member got for me last year. Seeing other peoples passions is my favorite part of this board, so if you think it is cool im sure i will think it is cool. But in keeping with the spirit and in no particular order I do love:

- Process and artifacts of the process, molding and casting, etc.
- Vintage Sci Fi
- Universal Monsters
- Star Trek TNG / DS9
- Marvel
- Nasa / SpaceX
- Batman Animated Series

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Indy Magnoli

Master Member
I'm in, as usual... international, of course.


Star Wars
Indiana Jones
Lord of the Rings/Hobbit
Pirates of the Caribbean
Superheroes (most of the big ones: Superman, Batman, Arrow, Flash, Iron Man, Star Lord, CapAm, Thor, etc)
Doctor Who (10 & 11 mostly)
Star Trek (TOS, TNG)
Most things old: antiques, artifacts, weapons, militaria, etc...
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Active Member
I would like to do this again i am Domestic USA but if needed can ship international
Usually i like Just Battlestar Galactica items but this year i will expand my list to the following

Battlestar Galactica Items
Buck rogers
Star Trek
Star Wars

And Thank You to everyone Doing this Secret Santa this year.


Active Member
Count me in!

Domestic, USA

Star Trek, Prime
Star Wars OT
Indiana Jones Trilogy (“Throw me the idol!”)
Doctor Who
Marvel Cinematic
Retro Sci Fi
Bruce Lee
Lord of the Rings/D&D
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Sr Member
I’m in again!!
My interests echo almost everyone here. I really like handmade stuff. Domestic shipping
Marvel MCU..anything "ripped from the movie so to speak".
Hellboy...talismans and cool trinkets
Deadpool...anything really
Star wars..sabacc deck would be cool but.anything "ripped from the movie so to speak"
Harry Potter..."ripped from the movie so to speak"
ghostbusters...anything really
Batman 66 and Reeves superman

paperprops are always cool and welcomed
As always anything handmade is greatly appreciated
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New Member
Yay! I had so much fun doing it last year. Count me in again! Domestic US please. Can't wait to start making something but also see what everyone gets. So excited!

My interests include:
Star Trek (TNG, DS9, VOY)
Jurassic Park 1
Resident Evil 1 and 2 (the games not the films)
Warehouse 13
Blade Runner

And thanks to Michael for setting this up! And a future thanks to my secret santa, I'm sure to love whatever they come up with!


Sr Member
I'm in again. US domestic preferred.

I'll be grateful for anything that is sent my way, but I always enjoy a nice prop or something you've made yourself. Some of my interests include:

-Blade Runner (and 2049)
-Star Wars (OT and TFA/TLJ)
-Marvel Cinematic Universe (Avengers related mostly)
-Last of Us / Uncharted
-Game of Thrones
-James Bond (Craig era)
-Indiana Jones
-Harry Potter
-Doctor Who (2005 to now)
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Sr Member
Thanks for doing this again Michael.

Just like every year please count me in, but since the German mail raised the prices for international packages by more than 400% this year I would like to send the gift within Germany only if possible.

My interests are:

Star Trek
Star Wars
Back to the Future
Blade Runner
The X-Files
The Avengers (Steed and Peel)
The Orville

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