2018 Chicago Prop Party


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Hey all! This is a speculative post, to see how much interest there is in this idea.

I run MadlyFX, a special FX and prop shop in Chicago. I recently moved to a new shop, and I figure what better way to christen it than by hosting a prop party!

I have a few cool film industry connections, so can probably bring in some interesting folks to show off some fantastic work. I estimate I can probably host around 10-12 tables, and fit a few dozen people. Plus, it would be an amazing way to connect with the Chicago prop and cosplay community.

When: I think last weekend in June, but I'm open to suggestions.

Where: MadlyFX is located near Cinespace in Chicago, at 4115 W. Ogden Ave.

Post here or send me a PM if you're interested. I think $20 for entry and something like a $50 table fee would be plenty to get some booze, pizza, and snacks. Droid builders, there's plenty of space to drive around.

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Sounds cool. I'd attend. I saw on your website the date listed as "Saturday June 20th". June 20th is a Wednesday, so that appears inaccurate. Assuming it should read "Saturday, June 30th"?