Star Wars 2018 Anakin Starkiller V2 -- Unopened, with stencils and more

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Drew Baker

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Unopened V2 from Anakin Starkiller's 2018 run. This is his most externally accurate version to date, and designed to be FX friendly while retaining the spinning emitter seen on the original. Also includes stencils for weathering by Trooper Trent, a lightly weathered, unstamped Roman's replica clamp, and a vintage Graflex clamp band. No clamp card and no long lever, but you should be able to get those from Slothfurnace and Wannawanga respectively.

I got this kit from the run last year and have only opened it enough to get the correct set screws. (As I recall it shipped with flat head screws, and replacement Allen screws were sent. Either way, both sets should be there.) After a year of it waiting for me, I'm looking to free up funds for another interest.

Price includes US shipping. Shipping to Canada is an additional $17, overseas is $25.

Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

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