2012 North Texas Prop Party


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The party's over, and we're all recovering here.

Thanks to everybody that helped clean, set up, and put it all away.

Thanks to everybody who donated raffle items.

Thanks to everybody who brought pieces of their work and collection to show off.

And of course, thanks to everybody that braved the notorious North Texas Prop Party weather to particpate.

This year, we tried to take photos of all the forum members, and there's a gallery here: 2012 Attendees

Toshi Chris, who did all the badges and took those photos, also attempted to get photos of just about everything, and here's that gallery: 2012 North Texas Prop Party


We've settled on a theme for the party, The Last Starfighter.

EAVIIs production made Last Starfighter cabinet, which he wrote playable game software and refit the cabinet to play, will be available this year, and we're going to have a contest to see who plays the best game.

If you aren't aware of the game he wrote, it just made the round again via SyFy's Blastr site. Check it out here, as well as a 30 minute YouTube somebody made of the play action.

Totally Free Last Starfighter Videogame


The North Texas Prop Party will again be the Saturday after Valentine's Day, which happens next year on February 18th.

UPDATE to the UPDATE: Unfortunately Matt has had to cancel.
I've again invited an RPF member from another area to the show. This year it will be Matt Munson and I'm looking forward to more than an quick Comic-Con visit with him.

As always, the party will be at my shop, we'll have food, but guests need to bring whatever they wish to drink.

Two important things to not be overlooked:

1. No kids are allowed. None. This has always been a consideration and it has still been overlooked before but will not be again.

2. There is an occupancy limit, so it's best if a friend doesn't tag along that isn't part of the community since that may prevent someone who is from attending. Unless it's your wife, husband or significant other, then they will be invited as well.

For an invitation, send an email to philip@rebelscum.com with your first and last name, your RPF display name, and your email address.

Rather than receiving an email with several people in it, it's best if everybody emails me personally as it's easier to keep track of as invitations with party details will go out via individual emails.

The party starts at 1:00 PM.

Photos from the last party are here: 2011 Prop Party
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UPDATE: I've again invited an RPF member from another area to the show. This year it will be Matt Munson and I'm looking forward to more than an quick Comic-Con visit with him.
Count PepMaster in, I'll see what I can do to make it down for the Prop Party, I'll probably bring a few of my personal molds along with me for people to have fun with like my old PKE Meter one. Course, I need to see if there are any conventions going on around the same time so I'm not just coming down for the prop party unless this is going to be happening over a weekend period not just one day. But let me get some planning done and I'll see about sending the e-mail.
Looks like it's a plan then I'll probably come down the weekend before for the convention and just stay in Dallas a week. Do you happen to have a link to the website for the convention by any chance, normally for me it's always been All-Con whenever I come down there, so it will be nice trying out a new convention to teach my panels at.
Check Philip's link in the first post for pictures from last year.

This will be my first event, but basically a bunch of people get together to show off their collections, talk, eat, have fun... I'm certainly looking forward to it!
Ok, I see, that sounds like fun, thank you
for the info. The pics look great, lots of cool pieces
I really like kit
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