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I just received the early casting of the new Y-Wing, in Red flavor™... it is a stunner. I do not say this lightly. It is a completely new beast from any thing that has preceded it, and absolutely DECIMATES the older kits and MR offering. I just washed the parts in warm soapy water, and will spend the next few days wrapping my head around this thing, so I can begin making the instructions for everyone. I'll be tackling the nest of piping first - it's gonna be the most tedious but also probably a very rewarding part of the build for a lot of you guys. My personal aim is to make this easy and concise, for builders from "this is my first resin kit" to "jaded old fart". I can't get over what Neisen, his team, and Salzo have wrought. It's... it's... full of stars....

Hey, it's wet and free of any hand oils!
Wow - cool, Jason. Been a long time coming... I know you will do it justice.

Am I correct in remembering that all of the pipes are cast details? Approximately how many plant-on parts would you say there are?

Thanks for sharing, and move it further away from your stove, for god's sake, man! :)
I see the engine cans have the access already cut in too, got to add all the mounting points to this, its my mission.

As for the plumbing, the prop seems a use a green electrical conduit that holds its shape well? Cant say id want to use a cast resin hose?

Cant wait to see more J!

Lee: when you mentioned a green conduit that holds its shape, I immediately thought of florists wire. Could it be this stuff? It's been around like this forever in my lifetime.
Not sure Scott, the prop has used some form of green wire for sure, well, as far as i can see.
Im sure Jason has this already in his head on how he will pull it off, just brainfarting as to how i may tackle it i guess.

As it goes Scott, that just may be the perfect solution now i really look, easy to shape, the right color, and plastic coated for paint.

I was under the impression that the pipes were just stripped electrical wires, if you guys have seen pics with some green in it, it would stand to reason that the copper would turn green over time......I have not really studied y wings much so i may be way off...
True Mike, if it were copper, it would green over time, but to me they do look plastic, as if they were maybe heavy gauge electrical wire?

Anyhoo, Jason, sorry to discuss this in your thread, but im not even sure the "kit" thread is running anymore due to the police...well, policing.

Yeah, i was thinking it may have been household electrical wires, maybe some stripped and some still in the jacket? I was thinking some of the thicker pipes looked a lot like the 14gauge wire I used to wire the shop. Again i have not really spent a ton of time looking at the ref so it was just a thought.
Sure looks great! Super smooth and clean.

Copper is exposed by paint scraped off piping on at least one Y. Also, at least one of them used piping from a Tamiya Ferrari racer, the 1/12 312 T4 I think. The really wonky pipes that turn sharply on themselves.

I've never memorized the details that differentiate the individual Ys, so I don't know if any of this applies to the Jammer.
I don't know much about electrical wires, but from my experience they wouldn't tend to hold a shape when bent. That's what brought about the florist wire idea. The florist wire wouldn't be very thick if used, as far as I know too. But it would hold bends in it and is made to do so. But I guess the solid core electrical wire would hold bends too, wouldn't it?
Sorry to CRUSH YOUR DREAMS (hehe), but you'll be getting templates that act as a guide for pipe widths and bending. I'll post them here as I go along, so people can get a head start if they wish - but it might be a good idea to wait until the kits are in-hand, just so you have something to reference against.

Today is all about cleaning and cooking and prep for a Halloween Party, so I won't have any time to work on this until tomorrow. I'l have more pics then of course.

I also still have all my notes from the hands-on-with-calipers session I had with the original prop, so you'll also get nose gun brass width and length instructions, and length data on the Plastruct T rods for the engines! It should be the same as the MR Y-Wings, since we were held to that particular model for certain things, but it's good to reference the original specs.

I tried to get close to Pantone color codes with the deco, too - so you can maybe get close to the color on the Red Y, 30 years on. I assume it has shifted a bit, with exposure to light, dust, pot smoke, etc.
I can say that the first time i looked at the sample pipes (from the other thread) in person my first thought in regard to them in resin was.....no way. The issue is that they will all require a 2 part mold, that means 2 seams on each of these twisty, and sometimes thin pipes, which means that they will most likely never be true round. I think it may even be less work to bend them than to clean all those parts, and the bent pipes would look much better.....I may be wrong but that was my first impression....
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