2011 almost over? Oh no, that means...


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Todd is going to graduate from "SOLDIER" school in less than 2 years (2013)

Capt Robbins is going to shoot his marine Cmdr and go to Absolon prison island, where there will be NO ESCAPE.

Did we ever have our 2nd ODYESSY in SPACE last year?

What else is happening soon? Or what did we just miss?


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Death Race (2008) references 2012 as the year when the U.S. economy falls.

Doctor Who
"Dalek," 2005: A Dalek breaks loose under the Utah salt plains, and plans to kill every living thing on Earth.
"Fear Her," 2006: The episode is set during the lead-up to the 2012 Summer Olympics in London involving a reclusive girl possessed by an alien.


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What happen to the other comment that was here yesterday? Was from a newbie with like 4 post and said something like "Do you really believe earth is going to end in 2012?"

Did he/she get banned?
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