2003 FX Saber deteriorating


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I noticed today that one of my 2003 Darth Vader FX sabers is... dead. It was already broken and I had the hilt in a small box. Up until recently, it was fine. Now, all of the sudden, it's green and pitted all over. The green cleaned up but, the pitting is beyond repair. All the steel screws and the D ring are rusted heavily. Also, the grips are melting. This one is a total write off.

My other 2003 Vader, is displaying a similar melting grip problem but, it's not corroded like the other. This one has been on display on some of my other sabers. None of the other sabers are showing any of this deterioration (yet).

I'm posting this here as sort of a... heads up. If you've got sabers in storage, you might want to check up on them.

I'm also asking for any tips to control this and keep it from happening to the others.

I have antiques that make these things look brand new so, to see them suddenly falling apart, and so quickly, is kind of shocking. And, they also weren't exactly cheap so... I'd really like to avoid seeing the rest go bad to the point where I have the throw them away.
Really weird - Obviously it came in contact with some sort or oxidizing agent to cause all the green and rust. As for the rubber melting, that's a new one. Rubber resists a lot of chemicals. I've seen rubber break down but only after being exposed to chemicals that can eat rubber. Anything new in the house that could give off fumes (e.g. carpet or furniture). Any issues with your HVAC system? It could be leaking coolant. Being in Kentucky, any fracking going on around the area?

Note: A couple of years ago, we experienced a period of very high humidity in my area. It was so humid that the walls seem to sweat. Luckily I have a 5 gallon dehumidifier. I was emptying that thing 3-4 times a day trying to keep the humidity out of the house.
Did you have any new drywall installed in the last couple years? I understand that for a time drywall from China was found to contain some chemicals offgassing from it that was causing copper to chemically react and ruining a lot of electronics.
My Anakin had some rusting, too. Must be a common problem because ironically enough someone asked me if I had any problems with mine because they'd heard of some rusting by this point.
This made me go and check mine. My 1st gen Anakin is now pitted and has a slight green film on the very tips of the screw heads. It's been stored in it's box, in my central heated (i.e. Non humid, always between 10-23 degree c) room. I'm going to see if I can brasso it up... If not I guess I have a weathered saber!

Luckily my vader appears fine. Maybe it's residue chemicals from sweat that cause this- treat your sabers like guns and oil them up before storage!
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I can't think of any particularly recent changes.

What makes it really odd to me, is that it's just happening to the 2003 Vaders.

(Knock on wood) The other ones (some older) that are being stored in their original boxes are fine. The ones on display in the open air are also fine, with the exception of the 2003 Vader with sticky/melty grips.

The corroded Vader, I think it may have been the box it was in. It just seems odd because it's been in there for years and it was fine when I checked on it a few months ago. Come to think of it... I wonder if the rubber breaking down had something to do with the sudden oxidation?
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