2001 Space Odyssey - IBM NewsPad Prop


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Hi everyone,

Im trying to make a replica of the IBM NewsPad, the tablet computer/TV used in 2001. As far as I can find it hasnt been done before yet, but hope im mistaken!
I would really love to make it with a functioning screen, so that it could show films, videos, like in the movie.

I visited the Stanley Kubrick archives in London but have so far found it hard to find measurements, productions drawings or notes on the prop. Does anyone know more about the NewsPad, and have ideas about how i can make measurements of it? Is it mentioned in the Taschen box set or in the new Harry Lange book?

any help is greatly appreciated!



Screen shot 2014-05-29 at 17.39.44.png


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If you want to try scaling it out the spoon in 7.5" long.
With that known number the tray looks to be 22" wide.
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