2001: ASO Clavius Suit


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I have finally started my Clavius base suit. I'll be posting progress photos here. I welcome any and all feedback. Here are some images of the start of the helmet.

I modeled it MAYA and prepped the files for print in Meshmixer. Printed in Carbon fiber PLA. I wasn't happy with a few spots after printing so I did some reshaping with JB Weld. I forgot to take pictures of the print before I started refining it but will be better documenting my steps as I go.

I've decided that rather than go 100% screen accurate, I want to embellish some areas with detail not seen on the available reference.

As you can see I designed in faciting into the "data cartridge" section to guarantee a perfect alignment of the cartridges. I will be using magnets to make the cartridges removable and putting some memory card style attachment. Diagram is WIP.


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more or less finished with the "body work"...I'l hopefully be cutting the visor opening out today and will do final surface this weekend. The neck ring still only epoxy sealer coat and till need to do putty and primer.

I also printed the start main part of the buck that I will use to heat form or vacuum form the visor.


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Can you share details about the white epoxy? Looks brilliant.
A few companies make this product for refinishing appliances and bathroom fixtures like tubs, sinks and countertops. I am using the Krylon brand on this but I don't see much difference between the brands myself. Follow the instructions and the finish is beautiful. I could actually stop with the first coat, but I'm hoping multiple coats help give some durability.


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Have you seen the Julian Auction catalog yet? Full Clavius suit with helmet!

Julien's - Flip Through Catalogue
THANKS!!! I saw some of these pictures online, but this catalogue is a treasure trove of detail! I had the opportunity to see the Kubrick exhibit when it was in London last year, and they had a suit on display. It's been confusing me, because the suit there was silver, but had the left wrist keypad, which was not on the film suit. No one at the TMA-1 site had this on their suits.


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Yeah that KE suit is a puzzle as far as the keypad bezel. I have a pic somewhere that shows it has blue paint around the outside of it. So maybe that part came from the blue suit? I'll have to study my discovery suit pics to see if the stitching around that area matches the KE suit.

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I believe the suit in the exhibition to be one of the coloured ones from the Discovery which was repainted for a pickup shot. These suits were made from leather, whereas the ones used on the moon were a silver Lamé type material.

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