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Hi folks,

I am looking at modeling the moonbus from 2001 A Space Odyssey and was wondering if anyone here had or could point me to blueprints and photos of the model itself. I have already got the 27 photos from Martin Bower's website where he built a studio scale model of the moonbus. What I really need to get started are some blueprints showing all sides of the ship. I've Googled "2001 Moonbus Blueprints" and found a lot of images of the old plastic kits, but no good drawings. I do have the movie on Blu-ray, so should be able to get some screen grabs.

Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance...
In the alternative universe, you could just build Uhu-2's Moonbus papermodel (his Blog-sphere HERE.) But you'd need to become a Zealot first!
Seriously, joining Zealot and getting initiated such you can access Uhu's library to download his MB may lead you to the best reference you'll ever find.

Regards, Robert
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Misterggg, very nice drawings. Thank you for sharing them here.
Seeing the date, I am aghast to think it was nearly 50 years ago!

Regards, Robert
I am still not finished with them, in fact I just got some new information on the actual parts on the RCS thrusters and the prints need to be updated. I don't have all of the kit parts and have replaced some with what I thought they might be, however the scale is correct as far as my research has taken me. I would like to get all the kit parts but until David Larson comes out with his book everyone in the know is not talking.
Well, getting the 'measure of things' is half the battle, perhaps even 75%... still a wonderful bit of documentation and very useful to anyone interested in the subject.
R/ Robert
Good luck on the blueprint (and not a lot of detailed pics out there:cry) Blueprint is the bomb misterggg; TFS with us:cool
Thanks for the kind words everybody. Like many of us I use to have the original Aurora Moonbus as a kid. I also have this thing about BLUEPRINTS, I can not explain it they interest me in seeing how things are made especially when it comes to sci fi movie blueprints. I was wanting to make my own CAD model accurate to the studio model and make a set of blueprints that others could build from. I will keep working on them, recently JFB64 informed me of a part I didn't know of before. It is the hard to see shape attached to the rear sides of the RCS thrusters. its the steam pipe halves from the Airfix Rocket kit. MOONBUS AIRFIX ROCKET RCS PART 2.jpgRocketH3Card.jpg . Thanks for the info and pdf file stargazer1.
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