2 Space 1999 Eagles Showoff

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I don't really post much of my work here and I am not sure why, but....

Here are 2 more things off the list. 2 Eagles finished just waiting for the decals to arrive and they will be complete.

I was eager to finish these but I will redo the engines and maybe upgrade the bells.






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nice job...especially the clean job painting black between all that tube framing!

love the eagle design.

adored the series...at least first season.

you plan to add any weathering to the eagles or you prefer them factory fresh?


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I had the toy version of the Eagle when I was a kid. Apparently I crashed it in the backyard, since i found it 1 foot under ground in dirt at my Folks house. :( I was able to restore about 80% of it..some day I may finish restoring it, by casting some parts and what not...
We wont even discuss the many melted and mutilated Wax 6 inch Army figures I found too...I think I was the kid next door in Toy Story in my Youth..


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Hi! SD!

I like both of your work!

I like the eagle, but like the hawk, too.
As for the spaceship of ITC, a design is splendid. There are a lot of fans in Japan.:)


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Loooooooove these Eagle Transporters. Love the show, too. These are expensive kits, I've been trying to get one cheap for a while now. Very clean work. Are you waiting for decals from JBOT?


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They do look nice and clean, but adding some very light gray contrasting panels to the noses and the white parts of the pods goes a long way in improving their looks. You can still do that if you want to as it wouldn't be much trouble to accomplish at all. Plus, the red stripes on the rescue pod should be wider (the instructions are wrong, but the box art on the otherhand looks closer to correct). Here is what I was able to do with mine a decade ago.

Rescue Eagle 4

The rescue pod by itself (note the wider red stripes and some of the subtle gray panels)

The Eagle in the back is a Product Enterprises Diecast lab Eagle for comparison.

Other than some paint tweaks and the decals I used, this Eagle is built out of the box.
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No problem. If you want to keep the gray accents very subtle, you can just add a drop or two of a metallic paint (silver or aluminum tends to work best) to your basecoat white shade. The more drops you add, the stronger the color contrast (and you can add a couple sets of panels, one at darker strength than the others). Beauty of it is if you do it right, it usually ends up being tough to spot in photos unless the lighting is just right. But, in person it can look great.

People tend to pan the MPC/Airfix/AMT Eagle kit due to its simplicities, but it makes a fun exercise in what you can do with paint.

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Thanks for the tips Jay!!

Oh, and to answer your question Morris, I got some from a guy on ebay at a steal. We will see how they sre when they get here. If not, I am not out much and I can always get another set!!



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Nice job on the Eagles! That kit always hold a special place in my heart, it was the first model kit I built. I was about 11 when Space 1999 was on TV and just fell for the Eagle. Its such a neat design functional and tuff looking.
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