2 questions: Alien SLIME & LEDs


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As in the introductory thread, having specialised in Post Production and Production Design, I am about to graduate from Vancouver Film School.

A recent Production Design assignment was to create a rock from styrofoam. It's my first assignment of such a kind, but the work feels natural and gives me a tremendous charge and I'd like to do a lot more of it.
I thought I could go beyond the ideas of learning how to create a rock shape and colour and so created a small piece of molten hillside, with 3 tiers. The idea is to put an alien egg - in the style of the eggs from the Alien films - on each of the tiers.

You can see a photo of my progress HERE.

The eggs themselves are in the first stage (I have wrapped twine through glue and then wound it around a balloon). I will then shape them apply organic effects, such as veins and textures, to the outside.
Some kind of slime will be strategically applied to the rock, as though left by whatever burst out of the eggs. Some will also be left in each of the eggs.
An idea I had was to put an LED light in the bottom of each egg, before the slime is added. The theory is that the slime will create a diffused, creepy glow.
Slight accents of phosphorous / glow in the dark paint will be added to finish.

2 questions:

Plenty of recipes for slime exist, but I imagine they either stay wet for a long time and / or dry in an unsatisfactory manner. I'd like them to maintain some kind of slime look, but dry hard. Drying hard is the main idea, so I suppose I could lacquer whatever solution was put forward.

  • How can I create a slime that dries hard?
I'd like to put a single LED light into the bottom of each egg. Unless there's a better method... I'd thought I would finish the eggs, secure them on the rock and then drill through the rock and egg, to place these LEDs.

  • Is there an easy way to do this and attach the wires to a battery?
I've already found many of the questions and answers, in this forum, very educational.
Here's hoping the community can help with my questions.


Why not just tint some resin (clear or semi-clear) to the desired color and splatter them where you need it to simulate the slime.
Much appreciated, but I needed to get started and so did.
I did something similar, using basic white glue and paint to colour, layering as needed.
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