2 MISSING 1960'S episodes of Doctor Who FOUND!

I know there are an increasing number of Doctor Who fans here, some classic series fans and some new series and hopefully lots of both.

There had been until a few days ago 108 missing episodes of Doctor Who from the b/w era.

An episode of Galaxy Four (William Hartnell - The 1st Doctor) & an epsiode of The Underwater Menace (Patrick Troughton - The 2nd Doctor) has been returned thanks to a retired Camera engineer.

Anyone who may have reels of 16mm or 35mm film containg Doctor Who may well have something not held by the BBC archives. This is stuff we'd all love to have back.
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Colin Droidmilk

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This is good news. My God, 108 missing episodes... tragic. So many great shows were wiped in the old days. The only reason we're able to watch Monty Python now is because in around 1974 the Pythons rescued the actual videotapes, due to be wiped and re-used, from the BBC, by buying them off the corporation with their own money.


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I have all the original lost 108 episods.....I think i'm going to decorate my christmas tree with the reels... :p


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Yeah the BBC wanted more space in the storage area so they started grabbing Dr Who episodes and burned them to ashes.......genius !
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