2-1B Medical Droid, anybody been working on one?


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forttusken any more progress been made on this droid? I've always liked this droid since I first saw it in ESB. I was amazed by the fact that this droid had clear/translucent parts to it back when ESB first came out. I know that sounds a little silly,but that was my thoughts back in the day. LOL!!!


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I wil have some more pictures very soon and a video on youtube. I have been working on the electronics and drive system. I can currently run the droid with a wired Wii Nunchuck. The drive system is complete and I am working on getting the electronics in the head finished.


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These are a few pictures from 2009 I will put some new ones up of the current state. I have it apart currently while I work on the electronics. I am working on reinforcing the head to make it more rubust to hold up on the animatronic droid better. I also added the actual microphone part with a speaker and it will have a IR distance sensor, the eyes have RGB LED's so the color can change to whatever is programmed. Inside the neck I am adding motion detectors so he can responds when someone walks by.


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I have been doing a little work on this bit by bit. I figure since the SW Science exhibit has been traveling the country perhaps some of you will have some insight into off the shelf parts or more pictures. I will be seeing it in October when it goes to Portland at OMSI.

I want to make mine have a moving head and arms so I am trying to solve the problems of having those parts move as well as attaching drive systems.

Here are some raw materials:

After searching high and low for a 6" swivel or lazy susan I fianlly decided to make my own neck rings out of 6" tubing. I machined an inset into each side and still need to figure out how to hold them together.

Some parts I will be using from the hardware store. I haven't found much but am always on the lookout. Most of this droid will have to be scratch built.

I have updated my webpage in the 2-1B section.

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