2-1B Aluminum Machined Neck Ring Interest


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So, as luck would have it (bad luck) I took my Zerg head to Celebration to add to the “jawa parts” display we often do with the droids (in the R2 builders room). As we loaded in, I bumped it,, it rolled, fell and smashed the clear neck and the resin ring.
I am glad to see some are available still, though not sure I can afford it. Plus, the vac formed piece is also badly broken up. So, I wonder if anyone who upgraded to an amazing aluminum one, still has the resin ring they’d sell me? Still not sure about how to recreate the neck. I guess I’ll need to make a buck and vac form one.
Are the aluminum rings $53 shipped in the US? I’ll go back and read it now, didn’t want to lose my typing here…


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Check w Zorg, I broke a neck on a commission and he was able to supoly a new one. i have both a resin ring and aluminum ones in hand, let me know. Thanks!


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I just heard back from him, actually. He sent out his last a short time ago and his molds are gone. I am really looking for the resin ring, for budget reasons, so if you have one you’d part with, please let me know what you want for it. I am in California (91505) for shipping.
Thanks for any help you can provide!

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