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  1. zorg

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    Yo, you have any 2-1a droid ref pics?

    i did have some years ago but the hard drive explosion of 2010 put and end to those.
    i did manage to get some from flickr but i know there are others,

    any interest in this guys head as a prop replica?

    this is the guy.......

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  2. Snowtrooper

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    I'm kinda interested, but it depends on the timing of it since I've invested in a few props already and need to pay them off. Are you thinking of the whole thing, or just the head?
  3. zorg

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    just the head........
  4. Wolfsburg

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    I'll have to admit that I did not realize that he was different from 2-1B! Those mournful eyes and little mouth make him even more the tragic droid!
  5. DrMaul

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  6. flthymcnsty

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    Oh man, if you do this one, I would love to add one to your awesome B kit I painted up. Zorg's kits are the heat.
  7. zorg

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    thanks guys, doesn't look like much love for this guy.........
  8. russellsch

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    I also did not realize that the Droid being tortured wasn't a 2-1B. In fact, I didn't even know there was a 2-1A. I love the learning that takes place on this forum.
  9. GaryArm

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    Hi Zorg
    I'm surprised that there is not more interest in this guy
    I always liked the look of him and had thought of doing one also
    Unfortunately I don't have any more photos of 2-1A than what I have already given you
    I would really like to see someone remake the entire droid
    damaged droid.jpg

    It is interesting that they are displaying him the same way he was in the Archives, face down

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