1st foam Pep attemt


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My first attempt at Pepakura. I decided to go with 6mm foam that I purchased at Joann's fabric. The pep file belongs to Juice. I didn't do him any justice by building it, but hey it's my first stab at this. Also give credit to Stealth for inspiring me to try to build it from his posts showing how awesome War Machine is in foam. I have issues with the top of the eyes and a huge flat spot on top of the helmet. I'm currently taking it apart to see where my mishap started.





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good luck. I started a few days back too. Did the forearms first cause they looked to be the easiest part. Going to try the shoulders or biceps this weekend.
on the HD helm(on pretty much anything for foam actually) you will have to do some modifying for it to look good, do some heat shaping for curves and it will all look better.
Nice work Skidmark,

I like the way you work with the Foam-parts. it looks this material you use is to flexible and to soft. But it also looking really cool in this raw version :) try to use 5 mm foam-floorboard. This one you really love to work whit. it's light material and you can easy work on the material using if needed: fiberglass primer - fine car-primer to sanding and paint the suit. cause this material doesn't melt!!! :p Keep up the good work and i like to see you work!
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