1993 Jurassic Park - Motorola Saber Walkie Talkie Prop - Looks Like new!


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After making the back to future walkie last year and the die hard one I decided to have a go at making the motorola saber as seen in the first J park movie, this time I used a resin printer and the results are absolutely great, I have posted 2 videos on my YouTube channel if anyone is interested, well worth a look.


Design in CAD to scale.


Radio has working lights, switches and plays clips from the movie.


If you are interested pop on over and watch the videos, its turned out great I have to say.




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Man, this is just awesome. Do you have any plans on sharing the CAD? Or better yet doing a run of these?


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Hi, thanks for the kind words, I've no plans to release the cad files ATM and I don't think Motorola would be too happy about me making them to sell either, I might sneak a limited run on to Etsy at some point although there is a lot of work involved in them as you can see.


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knoxie Thanks for the channel mention!

Loving the project! If you need any additional reference pictures/measurements, let me know.

I figured I'd share this here. It's a cleaned up and edited (music removed, sfx and filters added) rip of the radio dialog from the movie. I also was planning on making some prop Sabers (mold/cast in resin vs 3D print) with an audio board, but I don't think I'll have time now. I've been taking on too many projects. I might see if I can fit a little audio board in the screen-used one (without modifying it).



  • JP_Saber_Radio_Dialog.zip
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