1992 Terminator 2 Convention

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I found this awesome video of the convention held right before the release of T2.

On display in the first video are an endorifle, Endo arm in case, Brain chip, models, storyboards and concept art!
T2 Convention Part 1 - YouTube

Stan Winston interview-
T2 Convention Part 2 - YouTube

James Cameron Q&A
T2 Convention Part 3 - YouTube
T2 Convention Part 4 - YouTube
T2 Convention Part 5 - YouTube
T2 Convention Part 6 - YouTube
T2 Convention Part 7 - YouTube

T2 Convention Part 8 - YouTube

Are there any good prop photos from this event?

The guy that filmed that eventually wants to put the VHS to DVD.

Not many prop photos available all low res stuff.

A guy named James Trois helped organize, display and fabricate a few display pieces. He had a few pictures but he recently died :( His website showed the stuff he made.

Maybe try finding the auction winners. I contacted the event organizer and they don't have any records left of the event.
Man nothing out there on this weird convention promotion thing?

It's kinda like what San Diego comic con became but made for just one movie.

I went to that one and definitely took pics. I'll see if I can dig them.

I also bought the crowbar prop from the steel mill fight. When the crowbar came up for auction, no one knew what it was and I got it for $50!

The T1000 hand tip that gets shot off after the hospital escape also went for $50 even though no one knew what that chrome "L" was. The guy who bought it showed it to his friend and just shrugged! I bet he was happy after he saw the film.
Here's the pics I took. Sorry about the crap quality...if I thought that one day they'd be reference for building, I would have done a better job!
Oh **** YEAH! Just so that you know the cpu holder on the right was made by a guy named James Trois. His website recently closed as he died this past year. He was in a special fx club at USC I believe and had worked on a few films but he was asked to make a few props specifically for this fan convention. Including the CPU holder and future war grenades that are just out of sight in the pic above. Great pics though and the pic of the CPU holder is the best I've ever seen.
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