1979 Screen used Alien Egg???


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Hi, this is my first thread so be kind!

I recently obtained an Alien Egg which I suspect might have been made for one of the earlier films (Alien, Aliens). I am trying to find out more about this item and how I can find out if this is a genuine screen used prop or at least made by the prop builders of the aforementioned films. It appears to have some age and you can see on one of the close-up pics that there is a residue around the base of the egg that looks like where the 'slime/glue' substance would have attached to the floor, like in the two movies. It is hollow, stands approx 2.5-3 feet tall and around 2 feet at its widest, weighs around 5 pounds, appears to be made from fiberglass (quite strong). It also appears to have been cast in two separate halves, glued together and then painted.
If anybody can point me in the right direction, I would really appreciate it!


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Hi, Thanks for your reply. I checked out the link you gave me and although there a quite a few screen used eggs, they are mostly from Aliens and there are none from Alien. frustrating!
There are none that look like mine but one of them looked similar so far as paint technique.
I have looked everywhere i can think of on the net to find images or info on the original Alien eggs. Don't know if I am looking in the wrong places or if there just isn't much about about them out there. Somebody else must have screen used eggs from the first film! I know there were about 180 made in total. I think i'm correct on that.
It doesn't look like an egg from any of the Alien films. The etched markings are unfamiliar to me. Can you show us the lips at the top of the egg?
I don't see where there would be lips at the top of it like the other Alien eggs, I think this might be some kind of dino egg, just not sure from what.
Hi, Thanks to everyone who has responded to my post.

Alan Cross - I unfortunately can't take a picture to show you the top of the egg. It is packed away at the moment and i'm about to move house. However, as soon as i can, I will post a picture. I can tell you though, that it does not have the usual cross separating the four 'flaps'. I thought maybe that it was one used for distance shots though so detail not required?

Bronson BB - I checked out the Godzilla eggs and I don't think that it is one of those. doesn't look the same at all. Different color, shape and texture. Glad it's not one of those!
oooh, I'm thinking 'Dragon Egg'
let me do some research..........................................................................
Do a Google image search for: h r giger painting eggs. The first image should be a guy in a black outfit with a big egg between he's legs. Thats an egg from the 79 Alien movie.

The eggs in the Alien saga look quite different to yours. Your egg does look familiar though, I just cant think where I might have seen it :confused

The more I am looking at pictures of alien eggs, the more convinced that what I have is not from the Alien movies :(
However, if anyone has any idea if it was from another movie, please let me know.
If this piece was from a recent auction, yes, I'm afraid the news isn't good. In addition, the dog tags attributed to Aliens are known replicas around the community. sorry to hear this!
Premiere + Consignments = Bad News!
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Thanks SKIN JOB 66, I have been had me thinks! My fault I guess for being sucked in. Should have researched it much better. You live and learn i guess. Thanks to everyone else who answered my post. I appreciate all your help and opinions. This community rocks!
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