1978 "Halloween" Jack-O-Lantern Challenge


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Let's have a quick and easy little contest...

I'd like to see the best rendition of the Jack-O-Lantern seen in the opening credits of the original 1978 Halloween.

Made from a real pumpkin, this is something anybody on this board should be able to do...

Maybe the winner can cast his or hers and make molds!

I'll try to post a screen cap unless someone else can beat me to it.

By the way - I post this for fun (and the realistic possibilty of ending up with a possible replica). There are no prizes here except for on-line ego strokes!

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Jonny B

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Do you think Shatner ever covered his face in white paint and went as Michael Myers?

I got to a Con a day early and ran into him, hung out with him at a hotel bar for like 5 hours because our rooms weren't ready. This was about seven years ago when I was in the Empire City Garrison of the 501st. I seriously wouldn't put it past him, he's a nut :lol

wow, did he have some good stories...


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I have to say good luck to anyone who wants to go for this. Especially since finding the correct pumpkin is going to be a bit of a challenge on its own.


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learn something new everyday here - I did not know you could get a replica of this!

Hoping to carve one of mine in the next couple of days...
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