1966 Batgirl costume; turning crap into gold


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We were recently gifted a female mannequin and we figured this would be great for our home museum as (strangely enough) to had no life sized female figures. Our immediate go to was the Yvonne Craig Batgirl. We knew our challenges right out of the gate as Ms. Craig was a tiny voluptuous gal, and our mannequi was a lean 5”, 11”, but what are you going to do. We had to make the best with what we had. The goal was to do this piece complete for under 100.00. We knew we were going to use the Rubies deluxe costume but figuring out what size to get was the hardest part. We settled on a medium and found one on Amazon for 60.00 shipped. Strangely enough I already have a few of the metal scaled, elastic go-go belts used by Batgirl and Catwoman, so a belt upgrade was a breeze. The fit of the costume was perfect for the height but it was baggy everywhere else. The wife put in a few hours nipping, tucking, stitching and sewing to custom tailor the suit to the dummy. I had to do some work on the cowl but I’m still not happy with it.
Either way, under budget and ready to display.


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That’s awesome!

I was thinking this weekend about Yvonne Craig’s Batgirl and how she brought a new life to the show even after the budgets were decreasing.

I got to meet Yvonne at a toy show in the early 2000’s. She was a delight and spunky as ever.

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