1961 Mercury Comet Batmobile Ideas


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Ok, because of the recent batmobile builds, i was thinkin...i have a 1961 Mercury Comet waiting to be restored....why not make it a Comet Batmobile??

What do you all think about that?

What would you do to it? I would like to not alter the body.... but add ons to the body are ok... give me your ideas!!! Here is a picture of a 61 comet (not mine) please alter the photo with your designs etc....i would also like to keep the designs similar to the adam west batmobile...as well as the color scheme.


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please dont ruin an awesome car like that by making it a batmobile. if you dont like the car, ill take it. :p
seriously though. its your car, so you can do what you want, but, i know some car guys heads just exploded when you posted this.


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go over to the HAMB and build a hot rod. Make it a true driver before you go and modify. I have a couple classics myself.
If I were to build a Batmobile, it would be the late 30's Batmobile witht he face on the front, mainly because it can still be a driveable car if you build it out of a Volvo PV544, you know those little volvo's that look like mini 1948 Fords.

If you bat theme your Comet make it subtle and clean, those little Comets are mean looking when lowered and solid colored.
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