1955 Metaluna Mutant statue....progress and completed photos.........


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Hello everyone,
I started this project a few years ago and recently started getting a few completed and shipped out to new homes. I thought everyone might be interested in seeing how they turned out. These are prototypes and only a few are being made with the end game to possibly get them licensed and produced. These prototypes are resin and fiberglass and rigid foam filled. Very light to build and work with and light to box and ship. The base has wheels underneath for easy moving and also a tri-colored remote control lighting system in the oval base plaque logo. He stands 7 feet tall and has dark green metallic eye lenses with glow in the dark veining. The raised atomic symbol on the belt is also glow in the dark and has a holographic subtle glitter effect over it. The sculpt and paint scheme is accurate to the original 1955 film. There is a base blue/grey paint scheme to the body with lighter and darker flecks over it. The pants are painted a special metallic color that really make them shine. It's basically an 8 piece statue that is put together in about 5 minutes. If anyone has any comments or questions feel free to PM me or e-mail me and I'll get back with you. Hope you enjoyed and thanks for looking...Douglas


The above photo are 5 mutants built in a factory in Dallas, Texas. They are unpainted at this point and are ready to sand, primer and paint.


Here you see a fully painted mutant. He's waiting to be picked up for delivery to his new home in a museum.






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