1953 War of the Worlds electronic eye


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My first project of the new year. Martian electronic eye from the 1953 War of the Worlds. Total height is 20" and about 12" across at the widest point. 3D printed with the exception of the shop vac hose.

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Nice eye probe. Add some blood to the conduit.

As an 8 years old, l made sure the window curtains were pulled closed at night. The root cause of many nightmares. Sounds still gives me the shivers. First class movie and special effects.


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When I say WOW I don't mean it to be the abbreviation for War of the Worlds...I mean WOW!!!!! That is great!!! Always wanted one. Does anyone offer this or, at least, the files to print one out? --Ed


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Fantastic! Looks great! I needs ta gets me wunna those.... A friend, BAK55 (Blair) made a Martian eye like that, mostly out of cardboard. It looked fantastic, but it had the limitations of cardboard. (Although cardboard isn't as limited as you think. But when you can use 3D printing....)

Great job!


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