1923 Ten Commandments 300 lb Sphinx head found

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Yeah I had heard about this many years ago, that they found the film set and had been working to uncover it. Thought that was a done deal years ago and wasn't aware they were still pulling out pieces of it. Also very cool that a sand covered film set is now a archaeological digging site. Just think of what future historians will find from us now in hundreds of years and think.

Just like Belloq told Indiana Jones..."Who knows? In a thousand years, even you may be worth something."

Thanks for posting this.


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I thought it had all been dug now too, funding was raised in the 80s and then this is from a dig in 1990:
Excavation 1-thumb-580x388-52633.jpg

It looks like there was another, slightly more intact, one found recently too:

I also found these photo of the production crew making the sphinxes:
Sphinx-head-1923_t715.jpg Sphinx head half-thumb-580x625-52628.jpg
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