1920-1940 old transportation tickets!!!

What kind of transportation are you looking for? Trolley, bus, steamship, airplane, zeppelin?

The HPLHS have a prop CD which has a load of different tickets on it, if you're into props from that period I'd recommend you get a copy of it.

If you do some Googling you can usually turn up some images of old tickets too.
Also egypt tickets.I want to make a diary based to the movies the mummy and mummy returns.I will call this diary Evelin diary!!!
Mmm, the HPLHS has steamship tickets, train tickets, airplane tickets and even Zeppelin tickets on their paper props CD.

I'm glad I got my one, although the import duty on it was a pain in the posterior. I wish they had a digital download version.
yea i got stuffed with the import as well - one of the disadvantages of living in the UK I guess

But well worth it
Do a little footwork and you should be able to find a bunch of stuff out there to print.
If need be, use it as a base to recreate the stuff.
Good luck :)
I just did that, why dont tickets look like that any more? I only ever get very boring glorified receipts done with a thermal printer :(

They really did take pride in design and presentation bank in the old days.
Pride in presentation, design and ESPECIALLY quality of everything from buildings, vehicles all the way down to theater tickets.
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