17th Precinct

Kerr Avon

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Woah. Just watched this pilot that went unsold. Really fantastic. If you haven't seen it ,find it.

It's a little upsetting that we'll probably never see any more from that universe, but man, what a lot of great potential that show has.

Watch Ron Moore's fantasy cop show 17th Precinct, and see what we missed out on

I've got that down to watch this weekend when I get some time. It sounds a bit like the "Dresden Files" to me, but taken to an extreme where magic is commonplace and technology isn't.


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I did not think to save it, though I'm sure it will show up as a torrent shortly.

I DEFINITELY think it's worth a watch. I'm not surprised the network did not pick it up, as it's a very "risky" show. I'm sure it's expensive too. Still, it would have been great to see it get 12 episodes or something. Maybe it will find a home on one of the smaller channels.


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I managed to watch it shortly after Matt started this thread, and it's a damn shame it was not picked up.
Great cast, storyline looked interesting and I loved the fact that magic was in use and science was not.
Plus really cool effects especially with the crime scene stuff:thumbsup

Kerr Avon

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Unfortunately, I didn't see it, but did read some articles. Why did NBC pick up Grimm instead of this?

Cost. 17th Precinct, from what I have read, would have a lot higher production cost. You'd have to 'replace' technology with magic in every scene shot, and I imagine that'd put it's prop/CGI/set dressing budget pretty high. From what I've seen of Grimm, they occasionally have to do some CGI work over people's faces.


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Isn't that always the reason. Isn't SyFy a sister network? Ratings would have been better there, so advertising monies could be had. Oh well, another loss for the fans.
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