16th Century playing cards


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Hello! This is a bit niche, and not based in any movie, but I have been working the past weeks on a recreation of a complete deck of cards from the 16th century. It is mainly based on the called "Toledo deck", as well as other surviving decks and sheets from the era.


I would reccomend to print then on a cream or off white thin card stock. A more textured paper gives a great texture, but it can lead to printing problems. The decks usually didnt have back designs back then, so there is no problem with having a blank back.
It is missing the 8s and 9s for now, because they are not as used nowadays in a modern spanish style deck, but I may add them as well.

Oxley (aka Tut)


  • 16th_spanish_deck_by_tut.pdf
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I also made a version without color, if anyone prefers to paint them themselves or leave them as is. Have in mind that blue pigments were pretty expensive back them, so it was usually replaced by an off green.


  • 16th_spanish_deck_by_tut_no_color.pdf
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