16 years ago Sluisvan Shipyard Lightsaber Contest: need you!


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Hello people ! 16 years ago was an amazing lightsaber contest The Sluisvan Shipyard Lightsaber Contest, it was then followed by Luuke who had an amazing lightsaber encyclopedia that now is disappeared as far as I know.
I won the 2nd and 3th edition.

Since this time I lost a lot of pics so this post is "a message in a bottle" as some of you by chance could have the precise pic I'm looking for:

The same in bigger resolution and colors...
thanks for the help!!

Thanks again!


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Talk about timing. Luuke, recently joined the Imperial Royal Arms forum as username bluemiragestudio. He just posted a thread there yesterday asking if he should restart thelightsaber.com. Maybe he can help you out. He's also a member here with the same username. Here's a link to his RPF profile... http://www.therpf.com/member.php?u=4505 . I hope that helps.


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Oh hey there. Actually I stil have all the original content including the lightsaber contests and I think I definately have the pics of that lightsaber. Let me see if I can dig it up.. Nice to see you again Arkos!


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I found it. Here ya go....

Hey Jason. What's shaken? It's been a while eh?


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GREAT this one is "Anduin" the one with I won the 3th contest 1st prize I didn't had pics too!!
Having both of you in the same topic is just... well mind blowing, guys you gave me my best souvenirs from my sabersmith era, the sabers (an Obi TPM Larbel and OBI Ep4) I won are more precious because of that!!! Thank you again!!!\o/


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I find it hard to believe that was 16 years ago. I remember entering my lightsaber designs in these contests. God I suddenly feel old. :p

Darth Lars

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Back in the day, I had saved every picture of a lightsaber that I could find ... I don't know if this is what you are looking for.

Arkos3.jpg Arkos2.jpg Arkos.jpg Arkos - collection.jpg


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Ho wow I didn't even remembered thoses pics 0_o the last one was the two 1st prize of the 2nd and 3rd contest! I was so lucky .... and so young I still had hairs HAHAHA thank you so much Darth Lars!! Wow memories ! !! There was so incredible designs it was a miracle I got that prizes, still the dearest pieces of my collection!!
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