12th Doctor Tardis Interior Wall Light


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Hi All,
Not sure if I am putting this in the correct place, but I am looking for additional reference material for an upcoming build. I and working on making the Tardis interior wall light from the 12th Doctors Tardis. I can not find much on these, but especially on the center section. I have found a few 3d renderings that show the center as a fairly detailed piece, but due to how brightly it glows yellow I can not find any verifiable reference for what it looks like. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Dr Who Light Ring 1.png
Heya Lrp, hope I can pitch in a little.
I'm going to assume you've seen Paul Dykes tour of the set, but on the off chance you haven't here you go. From his pics I managed to get a good quality snap of one of the roundels while it was off, and yes its fairly detailed!

One thing that stands out to me as someone who's spent time on the Project Dalek forums, is the light in the middle; without a doubt a wipac lens from a Land Rover though newer than the ones on the 80's Dalek domes. Maybe these are it? From what I can tell these lenses are 67.5 mm, so that's a good reference measurement. Best of luck, looking forward to seeing how it turns out!

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