Interest 12" Tron Lightcycle, possible kit, possible set, possible arcade topper version.


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So SoCal Steve and I were just chatting, and I want to see if there is any interest.

I've had this model for a while and it feels like it would be a good assembly. But I would also like advice if you have it on why this might not work. We are printing a big one soon just to see how it feels. The windows would probably be cast in black resin and polished. The rest would possibly be an assembly kit, one deluxe version on a stand like so, and then on that could possibly go on top of your Tron upright.

Anyway here is the assembly video.

And here is just a stand it could be on. I think a wood base painted matte navy then applying decals to the base would be really easy.

Remember these would be big, the deluxe would probably be 3' wide. Which is probably why we'd do a smaller run of those. I don't know how to accomplish the light trails yet, casting would probably look jenky, gluing acrylic together sanding and painting maybe?...

I would be curious if I could have them made of glass then paint on top of that.


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A 12" Lightcycle sounds great! :thumbsup

I would definitely be interested, depending on price, in a kit without a light trail.

Duly subscribed and watching with extreme anticipation... :p



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I can't guess yet on a single bike since there will be a LOT of resin used. But I think I might even do a base kit for single and deluxe. We should have it printed soon. We each are going to do our part on the cleanup of the model so it may take a week or two.


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This sounds like it's gonna be awesome piece,especially a 12" one!Gonna keep watch on the progress later.This is a great idea.


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12" is too big for me. Not enough space to display it unfortunately. It looks very cool though. If you decide to do a smaller version let me know please.
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