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So this is my first cosplay attempt, and while I don't have the skills to sew everything from hand like others I do have a good eye for detail, and second hand shops were very useful too. I used various images as reference, this one looks similar to my finished result:


I went for the early costume, with the short tweed jacket and no waistcoat. Through the magic of eBay, I picked up this jacket for around £25, and added some elbow patches for authenticity.


Next up was the shirt, and trousers, these were easy. The shirt was found in a second hand shop for a few pounds, the trousers are from primark, so maybe £10?
I know the shirt isn't exactly screen accurate, but a lot of shirts were used throughout filming and I think it's close enough that it doesn't matter.

Next on the list was accessories. It wouldn't be 11 without his bow tie and braces, would it? They both came from a wedding/menswear shop near me, and look well. They're actually the only brand new items in the whole outfit. The bow tie is a pre tied thing that clips together, very handy indeed!

Finally for the costume are the shoes. These are Grafters high top 7 hole boots, real leather and black in colour. Again, not exactly the shoe used on screen, but close. I have a picture of the Magnoli Clothiers' Shetland Boots for comparison. Not bad!

To round it all off, I have a Wand Company 12th Doctor's Screwdriver. I prefer 12th over 11th as only 12th has the extending action, and flicking it is great fun. It also works as a universal remote, and the doctor pointing his sonic at a TV and it turning off is always fantastic.

All together I think it looks pretty well. Again, not the most accurate cosplay, but it's recognisable and it's close enough for me. I even travelled back in time for a photoshoot! Forgive the lack of sonic in the picture, I left it in the TARDIS.

I'd love to hear what you think! I'm thinking of doing the 10th Doctor next, I have some other props laying around I need to upload. Geronimo!
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