10th Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver 3D printer file?


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Hello all you Whovian prop makers. Has anyone out there made a 9/10th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver for a lathe using a 3D printer file for the dimensions? If any of you has that file or scan, can you PM it to me or email it to me? I need it for my own project.




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I have made 2 versions of the 9th/10th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver for 3D printing. One is a first season, non-extending, stunt prop. The other is in pieces so it does extend. Are you looking for STL files like the 3D printers use? They were not designed with cavities for electronics. I plan to do that, I just haven't found the time. PM me if your interested. I have a thread with pictures on the forum.


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I know this thread is old, but would you be willing to share any of the sonics files. I have a resin printer and would love to print a collection of all the sonics. You can reach me at Xafods@gmail.com
-AJ Morrow

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