10th Doctor Who Suit and Coat


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Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone has any uptodate information on buying an offthe peg Tennant suit and long brown coat please?

I believe the Tssy coat was a good cheaper copy, but I have been unable to obtain one as the maker appears not to be doing them now? Other copies are apparently not made of faux suede like the real one?

The suits are very confusing as there appear to be only the Magnoli, Honest Dragon and Baron Boutique copies available, which are not perfect?

If anyone has any information/advice it would be most appreciated!



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The Magnoli suit is probably going to be your most accurate choice, as well as one that will fit you to your absolute perfect fitted measurements.

Indy is a standup guy and an incredible craftsmen. By far your best option I would say...


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Baron is the best bet for the money, but Magnoli's fabric is as good as it gets. Baron's tailoring and details are spot on, though.

As for the coat, Cosplaysky is the best coat for the money.


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What's the cosplay version like? I looked at their site and I'm not really impressed. For my budget, I was going to order the baron boutiques tennant suits....was still debating on the coat....


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The Images I've seen on CosplaySky are ones that I've seen all over the internet (except without the bazillion "cosplaysky" watermarks). I don't know where the pictures originated from. Almost every listing on ebay from multiple sellers in China use the same pictures, but I'm betting the end product you receive with the inflated shipping due to "customs problems" is not going to resemble it very much.

I just have no idea what to go for on a budget that I'm not going to instantly regret buying! :S


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My brother got the Sherlock coat from cosplaysky and it's fantastic
My assumption would be that the tennant coat is nice as well
The cosplaysky is also the only one ive seen that is the proper suede-esk material as opposed to the wool coats that everyone else has.
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