10th Doctor SS Torches?

Paracord Junky

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i want a Ten sonic as a LED torch, but the only one i've seen runs on button-cells. is there one, close to actual-size, that uses AA or AAA batteries, or am i going to have to do a bit of Frankensteining?
I imagine it'll be frankensteining.
I'd guess the torch has been designed to slide open like the Character Option toy, which also had to include a sound module, which is probably why they opted for a button-cel power source rather than a AAA source.
I suspect he's referring to the Wesco torch in which case, it's undersized.
I'd imagine that one could frankenstein the character options SS into a fixed position torch and run it off of an AA or AAA battery but I don't know if you could fit more than one.
yeah, that one. i would have been fine with the size(it's not as if i'm going to cosplay with it; that's what RPF runs are for) if it ran on regular batteries.
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