10th Doctor on a budget?


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So I was planning on doing Tennant's Doctor for halloween this year, but my wife gave me the whole "we need to do halloween on a budget you always go overboard blah blah" speech, so I can't justify spending $100 on just the suit, and even a cheap one at that. If I had the money for a Magnoli, I'd buy it because I could wear it more than once. Anyone have any suggestions for doing a cheaper, but still close enough version?
David Tenant's incarnation's wardrobe is by far my favorite, so I have entertained the idea on gathering the pieces for an ensemble. Either way I couldn't justify either (right now) spending too much on the suit alone. The Converse All-Stars are $45+ as it is. I would like the question answered too if it can be done on a budget.

I will definitely keep an eye on this thread.

You can go through the Chinese ebay type retailers for something like $300 for the suit and coat, but that's probably the best you're going to find.
I did this last year. VERY and I mean VERY low budget. Screen-Accuracy freaks look away now :lol

So I got a generic brown pinstripe suit off ebay for under £24, dissapointing as it seems no-one selling suits knows how to colour correct their pictures for accurate representation.
Put together with a blue shirt I already had, generic trainers and the new pair of glasses I'd got which were close in style (I needed a new pair and decided they suited me). I also started off with a vaguely-close tie, but I got too warm.

suit (dissapointingly darker than the ebay photos made it look): trainers:

And me at my archery club (which explains what I'm looking at and the glove on my hand): .... photoshop magic can add the blue stripes if you want (though now I'm wondering if I could overpaint them somehow)

Of course, the caveat is, the lower the budget, the lower the accuracy. However... even without waving the sonic around, most people got who I was. So, for a one-shot costume in a rush I was pleased. If I were to do it again I'd spend more time looking for a nicer suit (assuming I don't suddenly win the lottery and can afford a Magnoli or Baron suit)

Long story short: Accuracy = low, cost = low, fun = high.
You can go through the Chinese ebay type retailers for something like $300 for the suit and coat, but that's probably the best you're going to find.

Yeah, I found a suit on eBay/etsy for $100. I won't be needing the coat seeing as I'll be indoors all night. So it's come to either a) tolling thrift stores for a suit I can at least modify, or b) start raising secret funds without letting the misses know until it's too late hahaha
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