10 hole hero pulse rifle - 3d design and print


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Righty O, i started down the rabbit hole that is M41A pulse rifles late 2016-17, with a plan to design an accurate 3d printable version ....
First attempt was here :

While it was not a bad effort, i was off with size and a few other things ... and the electronics instalation nearly killed me.

What i was ultimatley after was a replica of the 10 hole cameron that ripley uses in the Med bay with Hicks.
V2 here we go .....

Thompson M1A1 up first






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For this build it will only have a static illuminated counter like the original showing 42.
Breadboarded up a basic design to test.


Ill be using a 9volt battery to power it and Ive used common cathodes with 330ohm resistors, but i may need to use 470s as at 9v they are still quite bright
- Yes im using blue as i didnt have any red - just a test piece



Board knocked up and sent off



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One of the guys on the Aliens Legacy site picked up a few issues with the front plate that sits under the shroud. When i went back theough the screen shots i had, i felt the trigger area on the shroud was too sharp also.
This is what it shoud look like


and a redesigned render


Hot off the printer


and with front plate


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