-1 new messages?


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As it says in the title - The bar at the top fo the screen informs me that I have -1 New Messages.



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Damn, now its the -1 message bug... It's no bother, I am just trying to keep you all informed of any problems...


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Understood :) I have no problem as this is not the only time it has happened, I guess maybe you can call it bug reporting.

Thanks again.


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Can you help? I have a "1 new messages" symbol that won't go away. There are no messages in my inbox and it still shows on the screen?



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I know how to fix the problem (At least until the Techs can figure out the cause) :) .

However many New Messages you have in the negative, for example I had -8 New Messages, Send yourself a PM
by clicking on your username, (I just wrote Subject: Hello and the Message: Hello again) then answer it.

After you have answered your own PM, delete the original one, and your Negative count will go down.
Repeat for each Negative New Message.

It worked for me. :D


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You can also try *just* clicking "reply" and them backing out before hitting send. Saves the trouble of actually sending yourself (or some other "lucky" member) all those PM's.

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