1/88 Revel Slave 1


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Decided to brush on the mottled contrasting grey-green. I’m using an old Jar-Jar of Poly S that has been sitting under my workbench for over a decade. Can’t hardly read the label! I can make out “ British Interior Grey-Green” barely. A long out of production jar from Polly S.

Learning from previous experience I used different brush sizes and techniques to get the chipped and semi random look. Colors are bright and contrasting right now but will be muted and blended once I do my Archive X grime overspray.
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Laid down the misty Grime overspray. I did put it on too heavy! So I spent some time
wet sanding with a 3600 grit sanding pad to bring back a little brilliance of the green. I than masked off and sprayed the Pullman Green shoulders with my old jar of Polly S.

The old Polly S jar airbrushed fine but dried very chalky. That’s the risk of old paint jars. It’s not terrible and certainly adds to the weathered look. I might go back and lightly touch it up with that Tamiya XF65 field Grey yet which is a close match.


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The skirt and fenders look perfect both color wise and weathering wise.
The darker green chipping on the side also looks perfect
Not sure about the light green/gray along the top part or the "nose". In this light it looks like it might be a tad too green? Could just be the color shift due to lighting though?


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This is looking fantastic! I am working on the exact same kit and your outline of some of the processes will really help. Thanks for posting and keep up the great work!

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