1/72 Macross Destroid Monster kit V2 finished.

Discussion in 'General Modeling' started by mslz22, Apr 17, 2015.

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    So this is a kit that I scratch built and finished up the pattern for last fall and have been working on a build of the first casting for the instructions since then. Just finished the first build a few weeks ago while it was still too cold to be casting, but just got around to taking pics today.

    This is a 1/72nd scale (HUGE) destroid monster from SDF Macross. The V1 of this kit was the very first scratchbuild that i completed to release as my own kit about 8 years ago. The v1 was a good kit, especially by the standards of those days and compared to the WFest kit that had been out at the time. However over the years as i get better at scratchbuliding i always wanted a v2. I did this as a slow burn project over at least 3 years. The whole thing was improved, better more stable stance, improved feet and legs, better arm cannons, better detailing with rivets and all. Body, arms and engine compartment all rotocast.

    Big thanks to Jason Eaton for designing the decals on this, and a big thanks to Mike Ries for doing 3d work on the upper leg "wheel" detail as well as the foot wheel thingy and fluted barrel detail for the cannons.

    Pics of the first build, one with a full size spray can for sizing, this thing is big, and even rotocast uses about 15 pounds of resin!


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    Way COOL!!!!!
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    I love that thing!
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    Destroids represent!!!
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    Absolutely gorgeous.
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    Very Nice Mike!

    Great paint job too!
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    VERY impressive!
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    That is do badass, wish I had one! Nice work!
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    But does it transform into a shuttle?

    LOL! But seriously, that is a fantastic job, really nice details!
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    One of my very favourite anythings. Gorgeous!!!
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