1/72 Bandai Darth Vader TIE & Two Wingmen TIE Fighter models


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Just wanted to post the progress photos of the 1/72 Bandai Darth Vader TIE & his two wingmen TIE Fighter models that are being assembled and painted for me by my good friend StevetheSwede.
These little kits are just beautiful and looking at these photos, I keep thinking that I'm looking at studio scale models!

I think I'm going to get a Death Star trench backdrop printed out to mount on the rear wall of an acrylic display case.

I got the bug for these kits, so also decided to pick up the X-Wing and Y-Wing which Steve will be assembling, painting and lighting (engines and cockpits in the X-Wing, just engines on the Y-Wing).

Bandai put Vader's cape on the little pilot figure! I would have preferred to see him without the cape like in the movie, but he's so tiny and difficult to see inside the cockpit, my OCD let it go this time. LOL.

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