1:72 astromech droid part sourcing - Star Wars modeling


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I was hoping somebody could help me source a part. I want to find a 1:72 scale astromech droid (preferably the head and body, but I could do with just the head; I'd prefer an R2 or R3, but won't be too picky if something else turns up).
I know an extra one comes with the Bandai X-Wing and Y-Wing kits...does any one have an extra still lying around? Does anybody cast these? Does anybody know where I might find something like this?
I saw a few older 1:72 droids around (Imperial Probe Droid, repair bot, medical droid), but not an astromech.
I saw maybe there's one or two that might work on Shapeways, but I've never been happy with 3D printes parts that small and thought I'd ask before I resigned myself to that.
Thanks in advance!

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I got Shapeways to print out a 1:48 R2 and R5 in to go with the finemolds kits (their droids are crap - but love the finer panel lines over the Bandai.. but anyway..). The models were directly made over photogrammetry scans of the ANH life size droids. I was amazed to find that Shapeways managed to even print the tiny aerial on the R5 droid - it must have been as fine as a human hair, but quite brittle, snapped almost as soon as I breathed on it - but I didn't expect that to print at all anyway.

So anyway, if you go for the highest quality print material I think you'll be fine, a fine surface primer should smooth it over if there is any real grit visible.