1:6th Tanis Map Room from Raiders.


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Several months ago, HotToys released their 1:6th Indiana Jones figure. Some loved it, some hated it, some made minor changes to it that elevated it from an o.k. release to masterpiece.
I made some minor changes but mainly, it's on my primary display behind the Ark of the Covenant.

The sideshow Indy that I HAD in that position, got moved to his own diorama that I used the HotToys Idol pedestal on. (don't mind the headless body, it was used for a Smallville figure bash)

But I still had the hatless Indy, I put him in the HotToys Arabian disguise only to sit on my shelf..

But then, sideshow had been showing something, something I wanted but honestly, could not afford. Their Tanis Map Room environment.

It was big, didn't have the entire map area, but looked pretty cool none the less.
Eventually, I settled on collecting as much reference as I could, and making my own. In my second post, I will share the pictures of my current state of progress.
Now please note, mine is also not accurate as I have condensed it down to about half the size the room SHOULD be but I will be including all of the buildings when it's finished.


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Obviously, I'm not going to post up my reference photos. They were mostly found via google anyway. Also, the buildings may not be sized accurately. I don't really have measurements for any of them and am guesstimating numbers based on screencaps and such and then doing pixel-counts. :facepalm

The buildings and pyramids are being made from card-stock and reenforced with two-part epoxy and superglue.

I also made the brush that Indy used to dust off the ramp

I will need to add detail to the ramp

and a quick shot of some of my notes/map

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Nice! Keep up the good work. I understand why you're not doing it to scale with the figure though - the space needed for that would be a pretty sizable footprint!! Keep us posted on your progress!