1/6th scale Alien Egg Sculpt (Finished Pics)


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I wanted to get away from the AVP alien sculpt for the night so I decided to give a 1/6th alien egg a shot. I always wanted an egg bit full size is just rediculous, wish i had more room! heres some pics showing the full progression. It only took me a few hours to finish it and im actually really happy with how it came out. The egg isnt going to be baked though, I plan on using a hairdryer to bake the outside just enough, and then its going in some rubber. Ill be casting multiples in hollow resin, since, you cant just have only ONE alien egg right? :rolleyes The pictures honestly drown out a lot of the details, looks a lot better in person imo. Let me know what you guys think.

Taking shape



Finished, Details smoothed out with 91%isopropyl alcohol

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