1/6th Deckard sculpt for vinyl kit


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Hi all,

Just offering some pics of a new sculpt recently started. I only realy started to work on it this weekend after seeing Kiwimike's rework of a Han solo.

The kit is a Horizon model, which looked like this.


So a while back I took the extra hand that comes with the Indiana Jones vinyl kit and built the gun to go in it. The original is just crap.

I then tried to sculpt a new head, as this one looks like it was shrunk by some head hunting tribe. My first attempts were not to my liking, so I put the model away.

However when I resculpted my Indian Jones head, (another not so flatering vinyl head) I had covered the face in clay while filling it with plaster, so as to keep its shape, while I was resculpting it.

The byproduct was a clay casting of the original head. The Indi sculpt turned out to my liking, soooo, I shuved some more clay into the casting and started a Rick Deckard.

Here is were I am at.




He still only has half a head, LOL.

Just for fun, here is the Indi head on Deckard. (I was trying to go for an older version of this for the blade runner ford)


But If I screw this sculpt up, I may just try and cast the Indi one now that its finished. I dont know! what do you think?

One last shot, with an extra Joker head I had which I have been conveerting to a "Shinning" jack Nicholson. Would have been a strange movie with him in the lead!


Anyway. some direction on were to go with the Deckard sculpt, I have come to a stand still.


Really good sculpt, Ozzy! The likeness is immediately apparent! The original kit head looks like a bad charicature.....ugh.....

Thanks guys,

I will thin the hair out a bit. Not real good at hair though. I am thinking the gun may be a bit too small though. May have to make another one.

The hair you started with seemed really close.

Gun looks pretty darn close to me.

Overall, fantastic.

Look forward to updates.
A rework of the hair, and some smoothing out of the features. Taking pictures actualy works well because you see things you dont when working on the sculpt. The jaw lines is a little off, and jaw bone on left cheek. And still some more hard edges to work on, softly with fine steal wool.

When I say I sculpt, I dont know what you guys do, but I always put on more putty than I need and carve it back when its dry, rather than sculpt it wet.







Still have to work his ears as well. the decide if to keep the stance of the figure or change it. Any suggestions on figure stance or improvements to sculpt are welcome.


lookin' nice -- i think adjustments you made to waist for pose are great -- sublte improvement. even if you stopped right now, head is a thousand times better than original...so at this point, it only gets better.
Thanks DrMcoy, and artistanico

I have made more changes, to the pose and a little to the sculpt.

Here are a few pics with the face painted (Quick paint) as the paint shows up flaws I dont see otherwise. Still more to work on I think. There are still some sharp edges in the features, and other things I dont like. A guy did a 3d sculpt and had it 3d printed a while back. I wish I could sculpt to that level.




Any suggestions are welcome.

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