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Too Much Garlic

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I just learned yesterday that the printer I was planning on getting has a slightly larger cousin in 8K that gets released about the same time - the Sonic Mighty 8K. It will be released early July, so when I get it I will do tests people suggest to dial in the best layer burn time to achieve the best and sharpest results. Hopefully if all goes well, things will be slowly up at running sometime during or near the end of July. Sorry for the long wait, though this gives me time to prepare everything before I get it, so at least there's something good coming from the delay.

Too Much Garlic

Master Member
First test print on the new printer was a success but it was a failure in the sense that it adhered so hard to the print plate that I had to destroy the print in order to get it off. And I used their optimal settings on their website. I will now have to figure out how to go forward as I do NOT have the strength or stamina to battle with such **** and even less desire to see the print destroyed because the adhesion is too extreme.

What to do... what to do?


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Would a flex plate be what you're after? Never really had the need for one myself. But looking at YT videos, they make the removal process way easier.

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